Hawaii, The Big Island. The first five days.

Day 1 – Our journey to The Big Island, Hawaii, began on Nov. 22, American Thanksgiving Day. We had breakfast at Tim Horton’s at YVR before boarding a West Jet flight for a 6 hour jaunt to hot and humid Honolulu, then a 45 minute flight on Hawaiian Air to Kona International Airport (KOA) on the west side of The Big Island.

Not a lot of choices at YVR.

Not a lot of choices at YVR.

Hawaiian Air at Honolulu Airport (HNL)  We watched the sun, a large red ball, sink below the horizon as we rode in a cab south across fields of lava, through the town of Kailua-Kona to our condo at the White Sands Village. White Sands Village Across the street is the Magic Sands Beach also known as La’aLoa Beach Park, called Magic because the waves wash away the sand in high surf and bring it back a few days later.  It is the only sandy beach for miles north or south, excellent for boogy boarding and sun bathing.

Also known as La'aloa Beach Park

Also known as La’aloa Beach Park

Looking North with Anthony's in the background.

Looking North with Anthony’s in the background.

We were pleasantly surprised with the size and cleanliness of our corner 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with a huge wrap around lanai (deck), 2 flat screen T.V.’s, 3 double sliding glass doors off of the living room, one from master bedroom and comfy furniture, outside on the lanai and inside.Condo Interior at White Sands Village The Lianai at White Sands Village We had problems with the WIFI and the phone our first 2 weeks, had to have Hawaiian Telecom fix some wires and let the owner know he needs to replace the phones.

We ate dinner our first night across the street at Anthony’s. Yucky Caesar Salad, Yummy Lobster Pops and a Quesadilla. It is the only restaurant close enough for us to walk to.Dinner at Anthony's

Day 2 – We caught the Hele-On Intra-Kona bus, Free for seniors, to the Keauhou Shopping Mall, south of us. Had Breakfast, Peter had spam with his eggs, did a little grocery shopping and caught the Honu Express/Keauhou Trolley, $2 each back to condo.L and L Hawaiian Barbecue Breakfast at L and L Putting up Christmas The Trolley

Went for a swim in the pool. Met another Canadian who told us about a much better place to rent a car. Emailed Penny to change the reservation for when she and Bev arrive on Sunday.

Day 3 – Peter went for an early swim in the ocean, cold! Made a quick trip back to the Mall for more groceries. Swam in the pool in the afternoon.The Pool at The White Sands Village

Day 4 – Peter went for  an ocean swim, still cold.Magic Sands Beach Lounged by the pool and on the lanai all day. Penny and Bev arrived about 11 pm after their direct flight from YVR to Kona.

Day 5 – Drove to Alamo Car Renal to add me as second driver, breakfast at Denny’s, yes they have all the big chains here. Peter had “The Hobbit Egg in the Hole Skillet”, plenty for a human but more like an appetizer for a Hobbit. The Hobbit Egg in the Hole Skillet. More grocery shopping. Peter is coughing/blowing his nose!!! Cloudy all day!


6 thoughts on “Hawaii, The Big Island. The first five days.

  1. There you are! I was beginning to wonder and thought of emailing Penny to make sure you were all okay. Figured you had internet problems and heck you are on vacation. But I am mixed up, I thought you were going to somewhere else, not Hawaii. hmmm. maybe you are on the way to someplace….but then you will be back in 5 days….you did say Dec 20 I thought. Got an A in my course. Veg-ing during the time off. GOOD NEWS: SQUEEZED SOME INSURANCE MONEY FROM CANADA LIFE…A DISABILITY PLAN I HAVE BEEN PAYING INTO FOR 20 YEARS YET WHICH REFUSED MY CLAIM AFTER MY FEED TUBE INSTALL. TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT. MEANS I CAN LIVE A BIT LONGER.

  2. Hey – there you are!! Am I responsible for Peter’s cold?? Sorry. :(
    Hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing time. Love seeing all those tropical trees. The outdoor Christmas tree is a nice touch. Have too much fun.

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  4. Great job with the blog! Love to hear about your adventures and super handy that you always do your vacation right before we head to the same place! Hope Peter doesn’t get too sick other than a stuffy/runny nose. We had snow here on Saturday and lots of it! Although it didn’t stick it’s was snowing on and off all weekend changing from rain to snow. So enjoy the sunshine :)

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